Wednesday, November 16, 2011

You're judging who?

This may be my last post for the rest of the year - -Why? Let's face it folks if you can't tell people how and what you are honestly feeling on FB without having a family member or friend turn to you and say "you know you shouldn't say what you are really feeling or going through because your boss or future boss reads through posts on FB" then what is the point of free expression on social not business networking -- that's right I said "social" network as in socially as in laid back and relaxed as in not being on your guard 24-7!!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

End of Day 3 Reboot Part II: Wraith of Juice

So today I was good day. I drank my juice and water, felt totally refreshed and unofficially lost a couple more pounds. I know I shouldn't weigh in at night -- I weighed in a few minutes ago - 288lbs - yeah baby down 12 lbs since restarting on 11/1 - with 7 official days to go to by 40th and I'm feeling like 280 is too small of a goal.

What if I drop more than another 8lbs? Can it be? oooh -- I'm getting excited. If I continue to lose 3-4 lbs per day I could be down to 270 or less. I could be 220 by New Years.

Today's menu:
1 cucumber
2 granny apples
1/2 lemon
thumb of ginger

I saw Jacob today -- he's still having some discomfort -- I'm excited for him -- once he gets passed the first 5 days - he's going feel awesome.

I hope everyone chimes tomorrow to find out more. I'm also happy to announce I have started to exercise - I have resistance bands I've started to use and double crunches.  Get ready folks!!!

Join our Reboot Revolution!!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day 2 - November 2nd - Hey look at that!

Hello everyone,

I have had a good day and officially down 7lbs since I restarted my reboot yesterday -- not to steal from Star Trek - but "on my continuing mission, to seek out lost pounds, ways to burn my fat and boldly go where I never have gone before -- skinny and healthy!!! Engage!!!

I have made up a new recipe that is pretty tasty

1 bunch kale
1 beet
1/2 lemon
1 cucumber
thumb of ginger
2 red delicious apples

Yesterday I had something close this -- which I have named Minty Sweet Beet.
6 carrots
1 cucumber
1/2 handful of mint
1 lime
thumb of ginger
2 granny apples

I also have an exciting announcement - I think I have mentioned some of my co-workers doing 1 week to 10 day reboots --One of my co-workers, Jacob watched my dvd of Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and got excited. Went out and bought a juice machine and yes, started a 10 day reboot yesterday -- same time as my 30 day. And of course, the Reboot Revolutions grows once more.

Get excited -- I weighed in yesterday morning at 300lbs and weighed in today at 293lbs. 7lbs in two days -- 8 days to go to my 40th birthday -- 280lbs is looking very possible for 11/11/11 and 255lbs is looking very possible for 12/1/11.

Juice on!!!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Day Zero

Hello Fellow Rebooters,

Today is day Zero - -tomorrow, Tuesday, November 1st marks my new 30 day reboot -- Definition of Reboot - to restart, to start a new, clean up and clean out, washing yourself from the inside/out, curing yourself, reset, or to change.  Loosing weight is a great thing, however resetting yourself lifestyle, eating habits, exercise regiment, who you associate with, what you read or watch or listen to, your attitude, your focus and how to deal with stress can affect your life in a bigger way. You can empower others - change the path of your river of choice, make a bigger ripple in the pond or ocean.

Will you join me in my Reboot Revolution? To change the world into not just a better place to live or to raise a family - to reset your mindset and choose a better life. Fellow Rebooters - let's reboot life - restart our existence.

Goal for next 30 days --
Ideal weight for stage II between 260-250lbs
Waist: 42 inches
Exercise: Walking 3-5 miles 3 x week
Meals: Juice

Stage III December 15 - January 14th
Idea weight for stage III between 250 - 220lbs
Waist 38/36 inches
Exercise: Jogging 3-5 miles 3-4 x week
Meals: Juice

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Life is a journey not a destination: Day 2 of 15 - Gosh didn't I already do this alread...

Life is a journey not a destination: Day 2 of 15 - Gosh didn't I already do this alread...: Okay folks -- Casey and I successfully finished our 60 days -- I lost a total of 42 lbs and 7 inches off my belly -- I"m sorry that is not e...

Day 2 of 15 - Gosh didn't I already do this already

Okay folks -- Casey and I successfully finished our 60 days -- I lost a total of 42 lbs and 7 inches off my belly -- I"m sorry that is not enough -- and I"m embarrassed to say I cheated, cheated and oh yes cheated -- I cheated myself and any hope of hope - but today is a new day and with a new attitude I can do the impossible -- get up, shut up and work out -- Let's say that together -- GET UP, SHUT UP, and WORK OUT -- move your body to the beat and MOVE it, SHAKE it, TWIST it -- I'm not talking a chocolate milk or Yoohoo folks -- or your Moo Moo -- move your body -- roll over, stretch, crack your back, do some crunches not a crunch bar.

My problem I love food -- pizza, sushi (hey it's raw), burgers, chips, dips, whips (whip cream) -- folks I need someone to beat me into a corner when it comes to this stupid junk food -- call my bank and tell them to refuse charges to purchase anything that doesn't have a green vegetable that hasn't been nuked!!!

I"m on the couch right now sweating bullets and watching Netflix (yes, I'm one of the stupid people paying $17 a month for repeats and old movies) but good news The Biggest Loser is now on there -- all 12 seasons -- I'm sweating watching them work out -- it embarrasses me --

To top this all off - I just got off Facebook -- yes another place to rant - you know that's all FB is -- Please rant here - and by the way show pictures of your youth and see what you looked like before you shoved 20,000 shots of Yeager, 100,000 lbs of Burger King, 200 tons of french fries, 2,000,000 pizza pies and or yeah the metabolism of an athletic super star.

Come on guys - you scream Great Job!!! Have you really done any of this -- know every time you take a step in the right direction  -- you will if you do it right slip up 10 or 20 times -- its enough to wonder if I"m really attempting to lose weight.

Stop gaining weight Brian -- stop ranting -- stop, STOP!!! How am I going inspire others - if I can't inspire myself -- or yeah - stop drinking -- yes I know its easy to be weak - God made you stronger than that -- stick with it and refuse to give in and give up.

Lose the weight or by the way tomorrow which is really today since its 430 in the morning -- come on, go to sleep -- you need sleep to lose weight --

Thursday night is Joe Cross night -- public viewing of FAT, SICK and NEARLY DEAD and Q&A with Joe himself -- I asked several people if they wanted to join Casey and me to go tomorrow -- some people were like "ahh I already saw the documentary on Netflix, why go and why pay 11 bucks -- duhhh you met Joe Cross -- get inspired all over again -- meet others like yourself and share your story - inspire others -- why wouldn't you go!!!!

11/11 is approaching - I need and want to be 260 or below -- I have to lose 30 lbs -- what is going on here -- I'm not there -- stop, stopping, stop it.

Join our Reboot Revolution - is not just about losing weight, its about rebooting your mindset, your attitude!!!!

Juice on!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Celebration Now Come On -- Day 60

Finally at Day 60!!! But the fun is not over - Joe Cross will be in town next week and I need to get to at least to 275lbs -- have some work to do.

Friends, we need to embrace your life and move forward. Learn from your mistakes, build on the truth and make your move. Move to where -- take a leap of faith and make things happen. Go to the gym, drink plenty of water and move your feet. Shuffle, move side to side, ride a bike or get on a treadmill.

Make your move!!! Jump up and get excited!!! Casey and I are at day 60 but not stopping there. 15 more days to victory. Then a small break and take another 15 to make the final weight.

Close your eyes an imagine your victory --- final way in will be this weekend - with our 60 day video celebration.

Juice on and Join our Reboot Revolution!!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Day 55 -- "I Can't Drive 55!"

Good Evening Everyone,

I feel very blessed to be grounded with God - I have been struggling last couple of days emotionally and I believe its my reboot taking a toll on me - Thank God for Casey and others you came to my aid to walk me through what I was feeling. During this time inspiration has bloomed out of what felt like turmoil for me. Just a day or two ago a co-worker who haven't been really close to has been opening up and we have discussed the possibility that he will reboot. Mind you this person already works out but has been struggling to loose his weight.

I volunteered to make a batch of my now famous Carrot-Lime brew -
6 carrots large
2 apples of choice
1 lime
1/2 bunch of fresh mint
1 thumb of ginger

Taste test after taste test - people really enjoy my Carrot Lime brew -- might need to give it a new name - maybe Carrot Limeade. Anyway, he really enjoyed it and feels he could break his belief barrier and do a reboot maybe to start with a 10-day.  And with Joe Cross coming to town next week on 27th - I am going put out a sign up sheet at work and see how many people want to go check out the viewing of Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and an awesome visit from Joe Cross for Q&A.

55 days and climbing although I know day 60 is approaching - I have already committed to another 15 days and that does not include my recovery period. Let's see 3 days for every day of fast 3 into 75 is what = 25 recovery period. Day 75 will end up on November 2nd  - nine days before my 40th birthday - putting my 25th day of recovery on Thanksgiving - yeah Turkey!!!!

Unofficially: Weight 288 and belly band at 47 inches -- I will not be denied - what a great gift to myself if I can be down to 260 by my birthday and maybe down another 10lbs by the end of recovery period.
My overall goal is get down to 220lbs - I know what needs to get done and just watching eating habits, my attitude and discipline is not enough - even with support -- I need to kick my head in and go work out.

Its go time -- what am I made of - Come on God help me go forward~~~

Juice on - Reboot Revolution!!!!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Days 50 & 51

Okay my blogging crew - what's new? Had a couple more setbacks this last week. What kind of setbacks? Gained some weight back and have made of decision - no more raw, no more cheats - and will be extended my 60 day to 75 days. Starting tomorrow back to the gym for cardio and at home I will be getting into resistance bands.

Work out mania is going to start and we will see my new results -- final results will be posted on 11/8/11, which is 3 days before my 40th. Skinny man I will be!!!

My apologies in advance to our fans about this week's video. It will be posted by Tuesday - since both Casey and I were running around this weekend on a great adventure.

Other exciting news - gee do I have exciting news? Yeah I think I do or why did I bring it up? So the news is this - I'm on a quest and I will not be denied.

My juicing brothers and sisters -- take a stand and refuse to be denied what you want.

If that is to lose unwanted pounds then take charge of your life --I'm gonna move it move it, I'm gonna move it move it, I'm gonna MOVE IT!!!

If your stand is to improve your life by going back to school or getting a promotion at work then reach out and grab on to it - only you can prevent forest fires, only you -- -

Jump up and make it your life move forward -- be like the wheels on the bus go round and round -- that's forward motion which equals progress.

Juice on and join our Reboot Revolution!!!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Days 47 & 48

It's amazing how well your immune system works when juicing - now it may not catch everything - but your healing rate increases and you will recover faster than the average Joe on the street. I went home sick today after seeing a doctor for my Flu symptoms. They were highly impressed of my juicing and recommended a couple of changes to my Mean Green recipe -- double up on the kale and add some grapefruit.

So today's recipe

1 1/2 bunch of Kale
1 whole lime
1/2 lemon
1 Pink Grapefruit
1 Red Delicious Apple
2 thumbs of Ginger
1 Cucumber

need to add another apple to this mix - grapefruit overpowered on the flavor - very tart!!

Feeling good. Still need to add some kind of physical activity.

I will update on Friday and look forward to our 7th installment on our video - going to do something totally different- enjoy the view.

Juice on!!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

An Exciting Day 46

Only 14 days from day 60 -- can you believe? A better question, do YOU believe? Believe in what, yourself? In the power of God? In self discipline and desire? Do YOU believe?

I believe we can make a difference by our beliefs and putting our belief into action. My action was to start 60 day reboot and eliminate my extra pounds that I, and I alone tortured my body with. My actions are to change my life from my insides out. We can change. Maybe the President didn't make the changes we desired - but his words hold true. We have the power to make change.

We can change -- what?
How we live each day
What we say
How we treat others
What we put into our bodies
Who we associate with
What we read
How we interact with others

Why is it so important for us to recognize that we can change -- one person can stand up and make a difference. Like a pebble tossed in a pool of still water and watching the ripples it creates. Each ripple is a voice that carries our message and soon our ripples become waves of influence over large crowds and eventually into communities, counties, states and countries. We can make a difference -- our Reboot Revolution is more than just words its a lifestyle adjustment -- who will stand up and vote yes to change for yourself, your life, your health and your future.

I am not asking you to choose sides of our political arena - I am pleading with you to make a hard choice - pro life -- your life -- you have the power to save your life.

In a short few weeks I will be finishing my first book -- and when it gets published I hope to create some ripples that will turn to waves and make serious impact on your lives.

Your first drink of fresh juice makes an impact on you body and will create a ripple -- where will  you ripple go and who will you affect?

Juice on and join our Reboot Revolution!!!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Days 44 & 45

Good Evening Juice Fans,

Losing weight can inspire others. It can also lead to major temptation. Another day of free cake at work, fumes of bacon and burgers and oh yes candy. Well, well, well. How much more can I take? 2 weeks to go for the end of 60 days and not at the weight I want -- happy that I'm officially at 285 down 43lbs from day one. That's awesome -- my excitement will be over the top when I jump over the 250 mark.

Life will get better -- I've been juicing my Carrot-lime juice all weekend long and into this week. I'm going to switch back to Mean Green for the rest of the week.

Join our Reboot Revolution and find new ways to get healthy.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Life is a journey not a destination: Day 42 & 43

Life is a journey not a destination: Day 42 & 43: Okay so I promised to post last night and forgot -- long day. Most people who have been doing the reboot as long as me should be over certai...

Day 42 & 43

Okay so I promised to post last night and forgot -- long day. Most people who have been doing the reboot as long as me should be over certain cravings -- but the truth of the matter you need to stay very disciplined throughout the process. Never slipping up is hard - emotional and mentally. The physical part needs to happen to inspire your body to burn your fat faster -- no matter what others say you need to exercise. Go for a walk - go to the gym, move your body to music -- DO SOMETHING!!! If you do more than not -- you will forget that you miss solid foods - like pizza. Which I slipped up again this week and had more pizza pie --

If you are following Casey and my videos you will know I stay very honest with my reboot. I don't hide anything - that's for me, God and to share with others - you need to know every struggle we go through to understand what will or could happen to you and what mistakes to avoid. Wouldn't you want to know how to walk through a live minefield - if I went through already? To know the dangers or loopholes. Of course you would. Doing the reboot or any fast can create double or triple urges. And before you ask, yes I mean every kind of urge -- food, desires, doing more of something that you don't need to be doing - like slacking off.

I did fairly well other than the cheat -- I juiced everyday and lost the weight I gained back last week and lost it this week with a couple pounds additional to break the 290 mark -- the only way I see myself losing more weight every week and more than a few pounds is exercise - its a must -- My prediction for next Saturday's weigh in -- if I take charge of my life and exercise 4-5 days a week I will be at 280 or less.

I challenge any of my subscribers to do the same - get off your butts -- move - you heard me MOVE yourself into victory - strive to be better than you are - it will hurt and you will feel pain and uneasiness - but pain is temporary and victory is forever!!!!

You can make this happen -- and if you go and read my buddy, Casey's blog you will discover he started off going to the gym 1-2 times a week  - and is finding it addictive - in a good way. Now he works out 4-5 times week. He goes when he has cravings for bad food or just to feel better and I can tell you from the compliments he received last night at poker -- you can see major changes even from last Saturday -- he looks awesome. I want that -- and you should too.

Remember Reboot Revolution is about improving yourself from the inside out - about change - its about your future. And only you can forest fires only you. This message was provided by me and not Smokey the Bear.

Juice on!!!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Welcome to Day 40

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!!!! It's the end of day 40 and I'm at 290lbs - that means tomorrow morning I will be under that number -- yeah baby yeah!!!!

Who wants to take bets for Saturday's weigh in? 285 here I come!!!!

Take care and note - life is getting better -- 20 days to go to end the 60 days and 20 days of recovery -- if I can lose 5-8lbs a week I make this happen -- plus exercise.

Tune in for more awesome updates!!!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Day 39

Okay so it's been a long short time since my last post. My apologies to everyone - to sum up last week I cheated on fasting and gain 4lbs -- if you saw our last video can get the full story.

I"m proud to say I'm back on track and have lost 3 of the 4 lbs that gained last week. Mean Green week has started and back on course.

Stay tuned for day 40's entree - big results coming....

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Life is a journey not a destination: Welcome to Day 29

Life is a journey not a destination: Welcome to Day 29: Hello sport fans - we have arrived to day 29 and aside from waking up with a headache, which I believe is derived from lack of water or bett...

Welcome to Day 29

Hello sport fans - we have arrived to day 29 and aside from waking up with a headache, which I believe is derived from lack of water or better yet not enough water. I can honestly tell you that I feel better than I have in years. I wake up each day feeling energized and excited. Most people feel this way because of the people around them - wife, children, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, etc I know you need to love and enjoy yourself to feel good. Relying on others to make yourself feel good is just emotional attachments which can eventually destroy you - you would be a walking roller coaster ride - up one day and down another.

Anyway back to our reboot - I have a lot of salads and raw vegetables this week -- I was a little short on dollars this past week - so whatever I had in spare dollars went to purchasing inexpensive spinach salads - under $5 a day and some days no food at all just water. Just like Casey said the other day on his blog - after so many days on your reboot you will feel less hungry. I truly wasn't hungry this past week but folks don't do that -- you body really needs that nourishment. Don't be too proud like some people -- like me. Ask for help and stay true to your reboot. I have weighed in anytime this week - although last night I took a peek - I can tell you that looking at the scale everyday won't help you on an emotional, metal or sane level mindset. The reason I say this is that you will fluxiate all week -- just like a roller coaster - up, down and all around. Pick one day and time to weigh yourself and stick with or you will just set yourself up for disappointment.

Our official day 30 is tomorrow, ironically on my serving day at church. I expect to be fully energized and ready to serve and be under the 290 mark -- its been a real struggle to break that mark -- but just like in sales (which is what I do for a living) if you can find a way to cross that barrier - forget it and shoot past it. So now I'm going to aim for 280 for my short term goal. 220 is still my priority goal to hit before my 40th birthday. Will I do it sports fans? I will believe I will be there and that's all you need to know.

I officially went back on juice on Friday -- went back to the original Mean Green Juice recipe -- after Casey had another stone passing episode I felt we both needed to take a break from spinach. Well its still pretty early for me on this fine and very cool Saturday -- I never thought I would see the day living here in Georgia that mid September would yield cool days - if you have ever visited or lived here you would know its blazing hot almost until October. Very refreshing!

Work is good --and still receive plenty of lookers saying "wow what are you doing to loose your weight, are you still drinking that green slime?" I say sure and that everyone knows that slime is a major contributor to losing weight. Carl has been noticed at work just after a week feeling and looking a bit lighter - you can see in his face folks - come on after one week -- you go Carl!!!

I have a great conversations with customers, peers and family of my progress and I have many people wanted to try our reboot revolution -- my advice is to first start with Joe's 10 day reboot. It truly is the first step and test to see if you can stay true to the reboot - I have to say that the average person will not have enough will power to continue further that -- take it slow -- remember Joe did 60 days because he had is illness - and wanted to be rid of it -- healing takes time -- for most of us we are using this to lose weight - don't get me wrong I have lost more in one month then most do in two months. It does work - but just realize their is a lot of mental and emotional stuff working with this -- just be prepared.

I'm signing off now -- next post will have our results as we work ourselves to day 60.

Live the Reboot Revolution and Juice On!!!!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

End of Day 22

Okay so I know I haven't posted in a few days -- today was a good day ending a good week -- took another swim in Lake Lanier -- water was nice and got a decent workout swimming. Folks we have to keep our bodies moving somehow -- no exercise can risk bad circulation. Take a walk, jump in a lake and don't drown -- move, its called swimming.

Alright for some good updates -- had about 3-4 salads to compensate for lack of juicing on a couple of days this week including today. I'm down another 7 pounds from last Saturday and 1 inch off my belly -- leaving me at 294lbs and 49 inches all together I"m down 34lbs and 5 inches off the belly - Yeahhhh!!! No where near done here folks. still have 72lbs to go. We are approaching our 30 day - mid point of our 60 day reboot. Next Sunday will be officially 30 days and I"m speaking this out loud that I will be down to 282 by our 30 day mark - making it an officially 45 lbs in the first 30 days. Please do the math for me here - that means for the next 30 days I will need to knock out 60lbs - okay that may not happen, just remember we do have our 20 day recovery time and can do another shorter reboot on top to knock the last 15-20 lbs. I will be down to 220 for my birthday on 11/11/11. I will be down to a 36-38 waist. I will be wearing new clothes such as slimmer jeans, kakis, and new suit. I will be getting more toned. And yes ladies, I will be looking that much better for one special lady and only one special lady. Who will she be? Good question.

I wish I took a before picture -- the only one I can post is one with me and Mom -- anything is that I'm sitting down. I will have an updated picture of day 30.  I will be posting again on Sunday and will try to post more than a couple times a week.

PS I almost forgot. Friday night I purchased on behalf of both Casey and myself a new domain name for our upcoming website --  We will be posting updates on each of our blogs. Stay Tuned!!!

Juice On!!!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Early Day 18 - only so many days to go

To juice or not to juice? This should not be the question. Around the calendar bend - passed the halfway point of month one and getting excited to hit my next lowest weight - my goal this week to hit 285lbs. Can it happen, only in God's good grace. Another trying week and need a boost - hint don't eat or attempt to juice honeydew = doesn't do the body good.

Best to be sound and water down -- keep on your juice. Can I eat my way to salvation -- can I make or break? Time stands still during my reboot - why?

Folks stay strong, be disciplined and focused. Need to stay hydrated and stay on my juice. The more juice and water the more I will lose.

Morning is on the way and so is work -- Tuesday -- and on to Saturday for our 4th weigh in.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

End of Day 16

Gosh what a day. I can officially say I have exercised. Yesterday was pretty good when Casey highly recommended we get out of the house got to his Mom's house on Lake Lanier -- you would think that would of been choice one for the day -- it was beautiful yesterday -the sky, the temperature - and as I have blogged earlier I have been a total slacker in the exercise department. After a little pushing and getting my brain restarted -- we headed out and jumped into the cool refreshing lake -- I can't imagine not swimming in Lanier every week -- I swam for an hour -- but the real exercise happened when we had to trek back up the hill to his house -- come on folks - when you build a path to the lake 80 degree angles are really not necessary -- this was my ultimate stepping machine - truly got a work out -- and you know what else -- I loved it.

If you have been a former athlete or used to exercising in your life and turned slacker - do what I did yesterday and you will crave to exercise again -- I loved it and now want more -- I"m going to be an exercise junkie - and it ramps up your weight loss 5 times over -- I just found how I"m going to move into overload and make this weight loss extreme.

That's right boys and girls -- I am going to choose to loose -- I have the technology - God gave me legs and the self-motivation and self-discipline to get off my but and move -- I felt great after yesterday --and I desire for that feeling again.;

Starting on Day 17 going back to the gym -- setting up an official workout schedule -- which I am going to start posting with my successes.

Our weekly video is going to be expanded on tomorrow -- to celebrate Labor Day Weekend -- Casey and I really wish we got video while we were swimming - -almost had a "Phil" moment - if you don't know what I"m talking about -- then you have not done step one -- watch a must "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead"

I going to go now I'm eating my newest drink sensation:
Sour Extreme:
1 Cucumber
2 Granny Apples
5 celery stalks
1/2 lemon
bunch of spinach
1 guava

Its pretty good -- I'm liking the guava juice - thanks to Super H-Mart I get to experiment with different exotic fruits and vegetables. I highly recommend using them or Whole Foods - people say expensive - I say high quality -- remember what would you rather absorb gold or mud!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Day 13 and woke up too early for Day 14

Early Good Morning to Everyone,

Another tough day - although I did remember to make my juice for the day, I must forgot to do something with or refrain from adding something that just didn't work. Today's beverage was oddly thicker than normal and very difficult for me to drink without slowing down to a halt. To add to that - today I had to smell the scent of savory potato chips and chips/salsa - everything smelled awesome - my stomach wanted but I of course stood my ground.

My recipe today that I won't be repeating: 2 bunches of Swiss Chard, 2 red delicious apples, 1 kiwi, 2 plums (ripe), 1 cucumber, ginger, 1 bunch of parsley -- oof never again.

My dinner was awesome though - 3 carrots, 2 golden delicious applies, 2 kiwis, half of lime, 2 thumbs of ginger, handful of fresh mint -- my be my new favorite drink - must find some green to go into this that want me want to gag.

My energy was up today -- I have also noticed that people can see a difference with me when I'm drinking or not drinking my juice -- how? Well, when I do drink and stay on track - my skin looks healthier as well as my face -- they say I look well rested and full of energy and life. When I get off track - I look tired, sickly and the  "walking dead".

Folks that's a message in itself -- who wants to look like a bad B movie and be a walking dead -- stay on track (not including Casey who is forced not to a a have a juicer) (it will come soon hopefully Casey) if you are lost from this last note -- go visit Casey's blog at

Sleep: My sleep has been a complete 180 during my process - but sometimes like tonight I wake up around 3-5am and either can't get back to sleep or toss and turn and then oversleep for work -- can't continue to do this. I"m good at my job. I'm high performer. I'm not too concerned about me -- but I have responsibility to our other reps to guide, mentor and to be a supportive team player -- that means letting down my managers - I can't do that - I want to see everyone to succeed - especially my managers - they are the best of the best. I love my company - first real home I've found in my sales career. The folks at work are a mix of support -- sometimes very complementary, hilariously joking and then are the negatives -- but I have to say the positive definitely out ways any negatives --

On that note -- no matter who they are -- people cheer me on everyday on the weight loss -- "your clothes look too big on you or your face has thinned out -- love the support!!!!"

It's Day 14 at 327am and watching Man vs. Food -- why? I love food and can watch about all the foods that made me the why I am -- what not to eat and what I can enjoy when my major crusade is completed. The key note here is in strides -- not to go back to overloading, overstuffing or overkill -- don't have to crank out the food for four if its just you. Be healthy when eating.

I"m excited and anxious for Saturday - weigh in number 3 and day 15 - a quarter of the way through our 60 day reboot. How come the first 10 days went rather quickly and the next 20 is slower than a turtle in a 50 meter dash. Time stands still sometimes - like the sun before it sleeps for the moon to take its late night run around the sky -- why????? It's September 2nd and have 16 days to go for Day 30 and 46 days to go to finish my all juice all day all loss all omg am I done yet challenge.

I keep my focus on my goal to drop done to 215lbs (not a typo) and 36" waist - bringing sexy back. I make my turn on the catwalk -- Oh my -- hey Casey I"m still watching Man Vs Food - Adam just started eating BBQ in KC's BBQ - hehehee -- I didn't know you owned that place -- you suck! hmm brisket yummy.

<smack> Okay I"m back need to lose the pounds not mentally double it - gosh it looks good. I made a deal with one of my co-workers Carol - love this girl. She's a firecracker on the sales floor and on top of it she's got real style. And my mom would be proud, she's an expert shopper. If your don't know it there are experts out there - of course the world has our expert scientist who discover new planets and stars, expert politicians who find new ways to spend our money, put us further into debt and screw us royally with a smile and hand shake and the we got expert shoppers - men hide your wallets, checkbooks and credit cards. Carol has agreed to spend my money to find me a new look and clothes when my 60 day journey is completed in November -- it will be a birthday present to myself.  New self, new clothes, new style, new feel -- wife here I come.

Okay so my blog has taken a turn - but hey its my blog love it or hate it!!! Our thoughts are our own -- take notice cleaner thoughts with cleaner food -- dirtier thoughts with bad food -- go out for some grease and see where you mind goes --

Catch you guys on Day 15 - for our weigh -- Stay tuned and get a laugh or cry!!!!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

End of Day 12 - Where's Brian?

Hi everyone - okay so why haven't I posted in 4 days. Well I'm quite embarrassed I actually concentrated at hitting company goals this week - and by the time I get home, I hit the couch dodge a pillow and fall asleep. Back to my juice crusade---

I feel full of energy - I"m not tired much and had energy will power to run up 3 flights of stairs at work. Now you maybe laughing right now - but seriously all the weight we collect over time affect not just us mentally or emotionally - how about physically - my knees and ankles have been taking serious pounding over the years.

Imagine this -- between 1991-1994 I was rowing on my college crew team - they ran me into the ground, I was in a healthy shape not in the pear shape I'm in now - which will soon be the past. Yeah Baby!!!

I messed up today and didn't get up earlier enough to make my 2 quarts of meals - so I had to improvise with a fruit smoothie minus any dairy products and a shot of wheat grass from LA Fitness - thanks guys it help just a bit - folks don't mess with your meals -- stay on track or face weight gain.

Super note for folks out there posting about weight gain after 30 or 60 reboots - guess what if you dive right back into the crappy food you were consuming before you will turn right back into crap!!! Give your body a break and slow down!!!!!!  I'm really excited this Saturday is day 15 -- 25% of journey completed -- get ready Freddy for me to be Skinny Mannnnnnn!!!!!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Day 8 - Weigh In Time

So - Casey started to get creative in the kitchen and made up a new recipe for our 60 day menu - 1 bunch of spinach, 1 cucumber, 2 Braeburn apples, 2 big carrots (hint go buy them at Super H Mart), 1/4 lemon and a thumb of ginger -Lean Green Juice -- sounds like the first of many recipes yet to come and maybe an award wining recipe book.

Okay we weighed in a bit earlier and I"m officially down 23 lbs and 3 inches -- and thanks to some leftover prunes my inner workings are working again.

Not much more to tell about today except for knowing my family and friends in Long Island are safe from Hurricane Irene. Be well, be safe and enjoy life friends. Stay tuned until next time....

Friday, August 26, 2011

End of Day 7

Another exciting and tough day at work. Although I'm rocking at sales this month, my fellow co-workers are making it very difficult for me to stay focused on what's important. A group went to an all you can eat Chinese restaurant today -- very tempting - vivid images flushed into my mind - orange chicken, spare ribs, egg rolls.. hmmm I know I'm stronger than that but more and more I get hit with bigger obstacles and I'm only on day 7.

The good news is that when I left for work earlier this morning I was wearing my plaid short - which are a size 50 - turned to face Casey and was like dude if I don't wear my belt these barely stay on. At lunch time I had to return home for my work security pass card. I got inside my house I took my belt off only to discover that my shorts dropped right off me and had to find another pair to wear. I"m loving that part. Clothes falling off me and shirts being too big.

After work I got an invite to join some co-workers at Montana's for drinks - which of course I cannot do either- it was nice enough to get the invite. All I ever wanted to do in life was to help others. Another reason why I"m excited about this blog - I hope others read and follow my blog. Whether someone does something to improve their life or inspires others to do it.  It's 920pm on Friday and I"m at home blogging -- normally I would be out playing poker - only thing is that poker leads to drinking, eating fried foods and spending time with some people I enjoy being with and others not so much. Of course I can continue typing away here or finish my book and get it ready for publish -

I can see myself healthy again -- skinny - in shape -- I have a vision - a vision is a dream written down as a goal that we actively pursue to make our reality.  What's your reality?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Life is a journey not a destination: Day 5 - What a powerful day!!!

Life is a journey not a destination: Day 5 - What a powerful day!!!: Well we made through another day. Casey and I took pictures today to post to our blogs. We got a little curious and discovered that we lost ...

Day 5 - What a powerful day!!!

Well we made through another day. Casey and I took pictures today to post to our blogs. We got a little curious and discovered that we lost 2 inches off our Belly Bands. I down to 309 lbs -- still not second weigh in yet and already down 19 lbs. Now you may think that this is what made this day so powerful but no. Today I had two more co-workers inquire about what I'm doing to drop my weight and reboot my life. One asked for a shot glass of my morning meal and the other, well let's just say I had my third conversion today. First Casey, then Terri and now there is Carl. Carl is a great guy, works on a couple of my projects at work. He was extremely excited to discover that I'm down another 4 lbs plus he can see thinning in my face and neck.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I can actually see a neckline. My head isn't just connected to my shoulders - you can see a difference. I can also say 150% enthusiastically that I don't miss solid foods. Although it has been very tough. For example, yesterday we had a training class during our normal lunch hour. To help the sales reps not rush out and waste more precious sales time - management purchased Little Ceasar's pizza -- gosh are you kidding me? Why are you buying pizza or any other kind of no food zone when I'm rebooting. This is the sixth time in the last month this has happened.

I was just telling Casey - you know what Monday is day 10 and that means next Saturday, September 3rd is day 15 a quarter of our way through -- so excited to see our results at the 1/4 way -- in the documentary that started our little quest - "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" Joe Cross had lost over 26 lbs at day 14 - I"m 19 lbs down at day 5 - so you can probably feel the tension build here -- you can't see me - but I"m smiling from ear to ear and jumping up and down.

I finally got Casey to watch "Take Home Chef" with me - he can handle looking at the food now -- and even the women that Curtis has to cook with. I can't wait to eat all of the new recipes I will create -- but of course Casey gave me some rather discouraging news. We cannot go back to meat right away after our 60 day reboot -- for every 3 days of reboot we must take 1 day of slowly working my way back to solid food. That means 20 additional days - so what do I eat for those 20 days -- still juicing 1 to 2 meals a day, salads with out chicken, fish or beef, raw foods -- like all that I've been juicing.

We will see how that ends up -- anyway -- I'm getting little tired and going the head to bead. Stay tuned....

Monday, August 22, 2011

End of Day 3

So it's the end of Day 3 and I thought even though I know daily results don't mean much and I really should wait to weigh in on Saturday for my weekly weigh in -- but the curiosity killed the cat! So I started on Day 1 in the AM at 328lbs  - tonight I weighed in at 311 - man am I going to be stoked when I'm under 300 on Saturday -- come one how excited would you be. I'm going to use this to fuel my discipline further not be swayed by my co-workers or friends or myself with snacks or cheats. Today was another tough one - our phones were down most of the day and everyone brought special foods in for the lunch - pizza, yum -- burgers -- yummy --- Mexican -- yummier -- okay I'm going to stop because I don't want to have a lunch night run come up and me out the day to Wally world and buy a doughnut.

Okay so today I did rather well - I had 5 32 oz bottles of water - not too bad on water consumption and had just about 2 quarts of Mean Green and another serving of a made up recipe: 3 big carrots, 1 beet, 3 apples, a bunch of spinach and some parsley. Tasted pretty good - I think even Casey would enjoy it! I think I will call it Sweet Beet!!! Try it and enjoy.

Our first video posted today -- I realized something for the first time -- do you ever look in the mirror and see you as you were 5yrs ago -- even 10 yrs ago - come on you know you do. Apparently so do I -- for the first time I saw myself on the video only to realize -- I'm bloated - I'm fat, over sized, super sized - too many McD's, Wendy's, Burger King, Pizza and everything else I shouldn't of eaten and lack of movement, jumping jacks, walking, running, rolling or swimming. My God, what have I done to myself!! This is going to stop, reverse, eliminate, eradicate, erase, revise, re-create, regenerate and re-live -- and come back alive!!!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Life is a journey not a destination: Day 1 of many to come

Life is a journey not a destination: Day 1 of many to come: I'm really eager and excited. Just got off the phone with my buddy, Casey - he started his blog a few days ago to log our experience as we p...

Day 1 Officially over

Hello Fellow Rebooters,

Okay, so Casey and I jumped in today with Day 1. It was both an exciting and frustrating day. Both of us encountered things you just don't want to run in on when you are thinking about juice, juice, juice and by the way  and of course juice. Casey ended up hanging out at his Mom's with an awesome BBQ - had to pray up on that one. Me - I had errands to run to day before Sunday - which is all day serving day -- Normal stuff like do the laundry, pick up dry cleaning and get oil change for my Toyota. Wal-Mart always treats me right with servicing my car but today was not the day for wondering around the store.

Did you go into a Wally World today? Did you notice that every candy, snack and sugar filled item were on special sale today? Come on God help me out here!!! Why are you making me struggle? Of course I know the answer to that. Everything the Big Man puts things in our way - temptation, discipline issues, challenges, turmoil -- you know what I'm saying here - anytime we face problems - something very big and very awesome is around the corner.

Today we met our challenges head to head -- leaned on each other for support and rose to victory. I'm sure Sunday will go well too - Monday will be our real first challenge - facing our co-workers and being on the job.

So here are my starting details or stats:
Day 1   August 20th, 2011    at 1000am
Height 6'5
Weight: 328lbs
Belly Band: 54 inches

Just for giggles:
at 8pm same night I actually weighed in at 323lbs - I know wait for next Saturday - but hey let me dream a little here.

And in case you are wondering about what the heck a Belly Band is -- I sell for a living -- I fight for associations and build and  promote their industry and brands. When we publish a directory or magazine - we give one company the awesome opportunity to be the first to be seen with a wrap around promotion -- we call it a Belly Band -- and of course measuring our belly's today -- it felt like I was the publication with the wrapping. Hence the Belly Band measurement.

Stay tuned -- Casey and I are video taping once a week and will be updating our blogs with our weekly videos -- today's was so cool. We filmed while shopping at Super H-mart, making our next couple of batches of juice --love that Mean Green!!! and our weigh ins.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Day 1 of many to come

I'm really eager and excited. Just got off the phone with my buddy, Casey - he started his blog a few days ago to log our experience as we prep for our 60 day journey to health. Imagine waking up everyday and know that everything you experience is leading up to killing yourself. Believe or not you are probably doing this already! How dare I say this!!! But for me, I know I"m doing this. My eating habit are really bad. I'm not exercising, although I am one of those thousands of people who get the gym membership, use it once or twice and then pay them to keep my name alive in their system. By now my name has lost about 60 lbs and is looking really good on a business card.

Funny thing is I did this to myself - I poisoned my body with all the good eats in life - pizza, beer, fast food cravings - even tonight I had an urge to get a doughnut - thank God for two things - help line and common sense. As soon as I got in my car I gave Casey a call to say hi but in reality - I was reaching out to stop myself from eating crap. My willpower is buried in my attic under that do not disturb sign I liberated from a hotel room.

I highly recommend to anyone thinking about going on a workout plan, eating plan or what we are about to jump onto - 60 day juice. Don't do it alone - get an accountability partner or in a group. I took a picture of myself that made me want to me aside and smack myself silly for the condition I"m in. I used kid in college to friends about people like me. "Hey Charlie, if you ever see me like that beat me down with a bat!" Of course right now if Charlie is reading my blog - please don't hit me --

I'm inspired and as you can read my thoughts are running wild and jumping all around. Follow me and Casey on our Journey - and remember Ralph Waldo Emerson famous quote: Life is a journey not a destination.