Wednesday, August 31, 2011

End of Day 12 - Where's Brian?

Hi everyone - okay so why haven't I posted in 4 days. Well I'm quite embarrassed I actually concentrated at hitting company goals this week - and by the time I get home, I hit the couch dodge a pillow and fall asleep. Back to my juice crusade---

I feel full of energy - I"m not tired much and had energy will power to run up 3 flights of stairs at work. Now you maybe laughing right now - but seriously all the weight we collect over time affect not just us mentally or emotionally - how about physically - my knees and ankles have been taking serious pounding over the years.

Imagine this -- between 1991-1994 I was rowing on my college crew team - they ran me into the ground, I was in a healthy shape not in the pear shape I'm in now - which will soon be the past. Yeah Baby!!!

I messed up today and didn't get up earlier enough to make my 2 quarts of meals - so I had to improvise with a fruit smoothie minus any dairy products and a shot of wheat grass from LA Fitness - thanks guys it help just a bit - folks don't mess with your meals -- stay on track or face weight gain.

Super note for folks out there posting about weight gain after 30 or 60 reboots - guess what if you dive right back into the crappy food you were consuming before you will turn right back into crap!!! Give your body a break and slow down!!!!!!  I'm really excited this Saturday is day 15 -- 25% of journey completed -- get ready Freddy for me to be Skinny Mannnnnnn!!!!!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Day 8 - Weigh In Time

So - Casey started to get creative in the kitchen and made up a new recipe for our 60 day menu - 1 bunch of spinach, 1 cucumber, 2 Braeburn apples, 2 big carrots (hint go buy them at Super H Mart), 1/4 lemon and a thumb of ginger -Lean Green Juice -- sounds like the first of many recipes yet to come and maybe an award wining recipe book.

Okay we weighed in a bit earlier and I"m officially down 23 lbs and 3 inches -- and thanks to some leftover prunes my inner workings are working again.

Not much more to tell about today except for knowing my family and friends in Long Island are safe from Hurricane Irene. Be well, be safe and enjoy life friends. Stay tuned until next time....

Friday, August 26, 2011

End of Day 7

Another exciting and tough day at work. Although I'm rocking at sales this month, my fellow co-workers are making it very difficult for me to stay focused on what's important. A group went to an all you can eat Chinese restaurant today -- very tempting - vivid images flushed into my mind - orange chicken, spare ribs, egg rolls.. hmmm I know I'm stronger than that but more and more I get hit with bigger obstacles and I'm only on day 7.

The good news is that when I left for work earlier this morning I was wearing my plaid short - which are a size 50 - turned to face Casey and was like dude if I don't wear my belt these barely stay on. At lunch time I had to return home for my work security pass card. I got inside my house I took my belt off only to discover that my shorts dropped right off me and had to find another pair to wear. I"m loving that part. Clothes falling off me and shirts being too big.

After work I got an invite to join some co-workers at Montana's for drinks - which of course I cannot do either- it was nice enough to get the invite. All I ever wanted to do in life was to help others. Another reason why I"m excited about this blog - I hope others read and follow my blog. Whether someone does something to improve their life or inspires others to do it.  It's 920pm on Friday and I"m at home blogging -- normally I would be out playing poker - only thing is that poker leads to drinking, eating fried foods and spending time with some people I enjoy being with and others not so much. Of course I can continue typing away here or finish my book and get it ready for publish -

I can see myself healthy again -- skinny - in shape -- I have a vision - a vision is a dream written down as a goal that we actively pursue to make our reality.  What's your reality?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Life is a journey not a destination: Day 5 - What a powerful day!!!

Life is a journey not a destination: Day 5 - What a powerful day!!!: Well we made through another day. Casey and I took pictures today to post to our blogs. We got a little curious and discovered that we lost ...

Day 5 - What a powerful day!!!

Well we made through another day. Casey and I took pictures today to post to our blogs. We got a little curious and discovered that we lost 2 inches off our Belly Bands. I down to 309 lbs -- still not second weigh in yet and already down 19 lbs. Now you may think that this is what made this day so powerful but no. Today I had two more co-workers inquire about what I'm doing to drop my weight and reboot my life. One asked for a shot glass of my morning meal and the other, well let's just say I had my third conversion today. First Casey, then Terri and now there is Carl. Carl is a great guy, works on a couple of my projects at work. He was extremely excited to discover that I'm down another 4 lbs plus he can see thinning in my face and neck.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I can actually see a neckline. My head isn't just connected to my shoulders - you can see a difference. I can also say 150% enthusiastically that I don't miss solid foods. Although it has been very tough. For example, yesterday we had a training class during our normal lunch hour. To help the sales reps not rush out and waste more precious sales time - management purchased Little Ceasar's pizza -- gosh are you kidding me? Why are you buying pizza or any other kind of no food zone when I'm rebooting. This is the sixth time in the last month this has happened.

I was just telling Casey - you know what Monday is day 10 and that means next Saturday, September 3rd is day 15 a quarter of our way through -- so excited to see our results at the 1/4 way -- in the documentary that started our little quest - "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" Joe Cross had lost over 26 lbs at day 14 - I"m 19 lbs down at day 5 - so you can probably feel the tension build here -- you can't see me - but I"m smiling from ear to ear and jumping up and down.

I finally got Casey to watch "Take Home Chef" with me - he can handle looking at the food now -- and even the women that Curtis has to cook with. I can't wait to eat all of the new recipes I will create -- but of course Casey gave me some rather discouraging news. We cannot go back to meat right away after our 60 day reboot -- for every 3 days of reboot we must take 1 day of slowly working my way back to solid food. That means 20 additional days - so what do I eat for those 20 days -- still juicing 1 to 2 meals a day, salads with out chicken, fish or beef, raw foods -- like all that I've been juicing.

We will see how that ends up -- anyway -- I'm getting little tired and going the head to bead. Stay tuned....

Monday, August 22, 2011

End of Day 3

So it's the end of Day 3 and I thought even though I know daily results don't mean much and I really should wait to weigh in on Saturday for my weekly weigh in -- but the curiosity killed the cat! So I started on Day 1 in the AM at 328lbs  - tonight I weighed in at 311 - man am I going to be stoked when I'm under 300 on Saturday -- come one how excited would you be. I'm going to use this to fuel my discipline further not be swayed by my co-workers or friends or myself with snacks or cheats. Today was another tough one - our phones were down most of the day and everyone brought special foods in for the lunch - pizza, yum -- burgers -- yummy --- Mexican -- yummier -- okay I'm going to stop because I don't want to have a lunch night run come up and me out the day to Wally world and buy a doughnut.

Okay so today I did rather well - I had 5 32 oz bottles of water - not too bad on water consumption and had just about 2 quarts of Mean Green and another serving of a made up recipe: 3 big carrots, 1 beet, 3 apples, a bunch of spinach and some parsley. Tasted pretty good - I think even Casey would enjoy it! I think I will call it Sweet Beet!!! Try it and enjoy.

Our first video posted today -- I realized something for the first time -- do you ever look in the mirror and see you as you were 5yrs ago -- even 10 yrs ago - come on you know you do. Apparently so do I -- for the first time I saw myself on the video only to realize -- I'm bloated - I'm fat, over sized, super sized - too many McD's, Wendy's, Burger King, Pizza and everything else I shouldn't of eaten and lack of movement, jumping jacks, walking, running, rolling or swimming. My God, what have I done to myself!! This is going to stop, reverse, eliminate, eradicate, erase, revise, re-create, regenerate and re-live -- and come back alive!!!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Life is a journey not a destination: Day 1 of many to come

Life is a journey not a destination: Day 1 of many to come: I'm really eager and excited. Just got off the phone with my buddy, Casey - he started his blog a few days ago to log our experience as we p...

Day 1 Officially over

Hello Fellow Rebooters,

Okay, so Casey and I jumped in today with Day 1. It was both an exciting and frustrating day. Both of us encountered things you just don't want to run in on when you are thinking about juice, juice, juice and by the way  and of course juice. Casey ended up hanging out at his Mom's with an awesome BBQ - had to pray up on that one. Me - I had errands to run to day before Sunday - which is all day serving day -- Normal stuff like do the laundry, pick up dry cleaning and get oil change for my Toyota. Wal-Mart always treats me right with servicing my car but today was not the day for wondering around the store.

Did you go into a Wally World today? Did you notice that every candy, snack and sugar filled item were on special sale today? Come on God help me out here!!! Why are you making me struggle? Of course I know the answer to that. Everything the Big Man puts things in our way - temptation, discipline issues, challenges, turmoil -- you know what I'm saying here - anytime we face problems - something very big and very awesome is around the corner.

Today we met our challenges head to head -- leaned on each other for support and rose to victory. I'm sure Sunday will go well too - Monday will be our real first challenge - facing our co-workers and being on the job.

So here are my starting details or stats:
Day 1   August 20th, 2011    at 1000am
Height 6'5
Weight: 328lbs
Belly Band: 54 inches

Just for giggles:
at 8pm same night I actually weighed in at 323lbs - I know wait for next Saturday - but hey let me dream a little here.

And in case you are wondering about what the heck a Belly Band is -- I sell for a living -- I fight for associations and build and  promote their industry and brands. When we publish a directory or magazine - we give one company the awesome opportunity to be the first to be seen with a wrap around promotion -- we call it a Belly Band -- and of course measuring our belly's today -- it felt like I was the publication with the wrapping. Hence the Belly Band measurement.

Stay tuned -- Casey and I are video taping once a week and will be updating our blogs with our weekly videos -- today's was so cool. We filmed while shopping at Super H-mart, making our next couple of batches of juice --love that Mean Green!!! and our weigh ins.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Day 1 of many to come

I'm really eager and excited. Just got off the phone with my buddy, Casey - he started his blog a few days ago to log our experience as we prep for our 60 day journey to health. Imagine waking up everyday and know that everything you experience is leading up to killing yourself. Believe or not you are probably doing this already! How dare I say this!!! But for me, I know I"m doing this. My eating habit are really bad. I'm not exercising, although I am one of those thousands of people who get the gym membership, use it once or twice and then pay them to keep my name alive in their system. By now my name has lost about 60 lbs and is looking really good on a business card.

Funny thing is I did this to myself - I poisoned my body with all the good eats in life - pizza, beer, fast food cravings - even tonight I had an urge to get a doughnut - thank God for two things - help line and common sense. As soon as I got in my car I gave Casey a call to say hi but in reality - I was reaching out to stop myself from eating crap. My willpower is buried in my attic under that do not disturb sign I liberated from a hotel room.

I highly recommend to anyone thinking about going on a workout plan, eating plan or what we are about to jump onto - 60 day juice. Don't do it alone - get an accountability partner or in a group. I took a picture of myself that made me want to me aside and smack myself silly for the condition I"m in. I used kid in college to friends about people like me. "Hey Charlie, if you ever see me like that beat me down with a bat!" Of course right now if Charlie is reading my blog - please don't hit me --

I'm inspired and as you can read my thoughts are running wild and jumping all around. Follow me and Casey on our Journey - and remember Ralph Waldo Emerson famous quote: Life is a journey not a destination.