Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Welcome to Day 40

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!!!! It's the end of day 40 and I'm at 290lbs - that means tomorrow morning I will be under that number -- yeah baby yeah!!!!

Who wants to take bets for Saturday's weigh in? 285 here I come!!!!

Take care and note - life is getting better -- 20 days to go to end the 60 days and 20 days of recovery -- if I can lose 5-8lbs a week I make this happen -- plus exercise.

Tune in for more awesome updates!!!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Day 39

Okay so it's been a long short time since my last post. My apologies to everyone - to sum up last week I cheated on fasting and gain 4lbs -- if you saw our last video can get the full story.

I"m proud to say I'm back on track and have lost 3 of the 4 lbs that gained last week. Mean Green week has started and back on course.

Stay tuned for day 40's entree - big results coming....

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Life is a journey not a destination: Welcome to Day 29

Life is a journey not a destination: Welcome to Day 29: Hello sport fans - we have arrived to day 29 and aside from waking up with a headache, which I believe is derived from lack of water or bett...

Welcome to Day 29

Hello sport fans - we have arrived to day 29 and aside from waking up with a headache, which I believe is derived from lack of water or better yet not enough water. I can honestly tell you that I feel better than I have in years. I wake up each day feeling energized and excited. Most people feel this way because of the people around them - wife, children, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, etc I know you need to love and enjoy yourself to feel good. Relying on others to make yourself feel good is just emotional attachments which can eventually destroy you - you would be a walking roller coaster ride - up one day and down another.

Anyway back to our reboot - I have a lot of salads and raw vegetables this week -- I was a little short on dollars this past week - so whatever I had in spare dollars went to purchasing inexpensive spinach salads - under $5 a day and some days no food at all just water. Just like Casey said the other day on his blog - after so many days on your reboot you will feel less hungry. I truly wasn't hungry this past week but folks don't do that -- you body really needs that nourishment. Don't be too proud like some people -- like me. Ask for help and stay true to your reboot. I have weighed in anytime this week - although last night I took a peek - I can tell you that looking at the scale everyday won't help you on an emotional, metal or sane level mindset. The reason I say this is that you will fluxiate all week -- just like a roller coaster - up, down and all around. Pick one day and time to weigh yourself and stick with or you will just set yourself up for disappointment.

Our official day 30 is tomorrow, ironically on my serving day at church. I expect to be fully energized and ready to serve and be under the 290 mark -- its been a real struggle to break that mark -- but just like in sales (which is what I do for a living) if you can find a way to cross that barrier - forget it and shoot past it. So now I'm going to aim for 280 for my short term goal. 220 is still my priority goal to hit before my 40th birthday. Will I do it sports fans? I will believe I will be there and that's all you need to know.

I officially went back on juice on Friday -- went back to the original Mean Green Juice recipe -- after Casey had another stone passing episode I felt we both needed to take a break from spinach. Well its still pretty early for me on this fine and very cool Saturday -- I never thought I would see the day living here in Georgia that mid September would yield cool days - if you have ever visited or lived here you would know its blazing hot almost until October. Very refreshing!

Work is good --and still receive plenty of lookers saying "wow what are you doing to loose your weight, are you still drinking that green slime?" I say sure and that everyone knows that slime is a major contributor to losing weight. Carl has been noticed at work just after a week feeling and looking a bit lighter - you can see in his face folks - come on after one week -- you go Carl!!!

I have a great conversations with customers, peers and family of my progress and I have many people wanted to try our reboot revolution -- my advice is to first start with Joe's 10 day reboot. It truly is the first step and test to see if you can stay true to the reboot - I have to say that the average person will not have enough will power to continue further that -- take it slow -- remember Joe did 60 days because he had is illness - and wanted to be rid of it -- healing takes time -- for most of us we are using this to lose weight - don't get me wrong I have lost more in one month then most do in two months. It does work - but just realize their is a lot of mental and emotional stuff working with this -- just be prepared.

I'm signing off now -- next post will have our results as we work ourselves to day 60.

Live the Reboot Revolution and Juice On!!!!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

End of Day 22

Okay so I know I haven't posted in a few days -- today was a good day ending a good week -- took another swim in Lake Lanier -- water was nice and got a decent workout swimming. Folks we have to keep our bodies moving somehow -- no exercise can risk bad circulation. Take a walk, jump in a lake and don't drown -- move, its called swimming.

Alright for some good updates -- had about 3-4 salads to compensate for lack of juicing on a couple of days this week including today. I'm down another 7 pounds from last Saturday and 1 inch off my belly -- leaving me at 294lbs and 49 inches all together I"m down 34lbs and 5 inches off the belly - Yeahhhh!!! No where near done here folks. still have 72lbs to go. We are approaching our 30 day - mid point of our 60 day reboot. Next Sunday will be officially 30 days and I"m speaking this out loud that I will be down to 282 by our 30 day mark - making it an officially 45 lbs in the first 30 days. Please do the math for me here - that means for the next 30 days I will need to knock out 60lbs - okay that may not happen, just remember we do have our 20 day recovery time and can do another shorter reboot on top to knock the last 15-20 lbs. I will be down to 220 for my birthday on 11/11/11. I will be down to a 36-38 waist. I will be wearing new clothes such as slimmer jeans, kakis, and new suit. I will be getting more toned. And yes ladies, I will be looking that much better for one special lady and only one special lady. Who will she be? Good question.

I wish I took a before picture -- the only one I can post is one with me and Mom -- anything is that I'm sitting down. I will have an updated picture of day 30.  I will be posting again on Sunday and will try to post more than a couple times a week.

PS I almost forgot. Friday night I purchased on behalf of both Casey and myself a new domain name for our upcoming website --  We will be posting updates on each of our blogs. Stay Tuned!!!

Juice On!!!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Early Day 18 - only so many days to go

To juice or not to juice? This should not be the question. Around the calendar bend - passed the halfway point of month one and getting excited to hit my next lowest weight - my goal this week to hit 285lbs. Can it happen, only in God's good grace. Another trying week and need a boost - hint don't eat or attempt to juice honeydew = doesn't do the body good.

Best to be sound and water down -- keep on your juice. Can I eat my way to salvation -- can I make or break? Time stands still during my reboot - why?

Folks stay strong, be disciplined and focused. Need to stay hydrated and stay on my juice. The more juice and water the more I will lose.

Morning is on the way and so is work -- Tuesday -- and on to Saturday for our 4th weigh in.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

End of Day 16

Gosh what a day. I can officially say I have exercised. Yesterday was pretty good when Casey highly recommended we get out of the house got to his Mom's house on Lake Lanier -- you would think that would of been choice one for the day -- it was beautiful yesterday -the sky, the temperature - and as I have blogged earlier I have been a total slacker in the exercise department. After a little pushing and getting my brain restarted -- we headed out and jumped into the cool refreshing lake -- I can't imagine not swimming in Lanier every week -- I swam for an hour -- but the real exercise happened when we had to trek back up the hill to his house -- come on folks - when you build a path to the lake 80 degree angles are really not necessary -- this was my ultimate stepping machine - truly got a work out -- and you know what else -- I loved it.

If you have been a former athlete or used to exercising in your life and turned slacker - do what I did yesterday and you will crave to exercise again -- I loved it and now want more -- I"m going to be an exercise junkie - and it ramps up your weight loss 5 times over -- I just found how I"m going to move into overload and make this weight loss extreme.

That's right boys and girls -- I am going to choose to loose -- I have the technology - God gave me legs and the self-motivation and self-discipline to get off my but and move -- I felt great after yesterday --and I desire for that feeling again.;

Starting on Day 17 going back to the gym -- setting up an official workout schedule -- which I am going to start posting with my successes.

Our weekly video is going to be expanded on tomorrow -- to celebrate Labor Day Weekend -- Casey and I really wish we got video while we were swimming - -almost had a "Phil" moment - if you don't know what I"m talking about -- then you have not done step one -- watch a must "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead"

I going to go now I'm eating my newest drink sensation:
Sour Extreme:
1 Cucumber
2 Granny Apples
5 celery stalks
1/2 lemon
bunch of spinach
1 guava

Its pretty good -- I'm liking the guava juice - thanks to Super H-Mart I get to experiment with different exotic fruits and vegetables. I highly recommend using them or Whole Foods - people say expensive - I say high quality -- remember what would you rather absorb gold or mud!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Day 13 and woke up too early for Day 14

Early Good Morning to Everyone,

Another tough day - although I did remember to make my juice for the day, I must forgot to do something with or refrain from adding something that just didn't work. Today's beverage was oddly thicker than normal and very difficult for me to drink without slowing down to a halt. To add to that - today I had to smell the scent of savory potato chips and chips/salsa - everything smelled awesome - my stomach wanted but I of course stood my ground.

My recipe today that I won't be repeating: 2 bunches of Swiss Chard, 2 red delicious apples, 1 kiwi, 2 plums (ripe), 1 cucumber, ginger, 1 bunch of parsley -- oof never again.

My dinner was awesome though - 3 carrots, 2 golden delicious applies, 2 kiwis, half of lime, 2 thumbs of ginger, handful of fresh mint -- my be my new favorite drink - must find some green to go into this that want me want to gag.

My energy was up today -- I have also noticed that people can see a difference with me when I'm drinking or not drinking my juice -- how? Well, when I do drink and stay on track - my skin looks healthier as well as my face -- they say I look well rested and full of energy and life. When I get off track - I look tired, sickly and the  "walking dead".

Folks that's a message in itself -- who wants to look like a bad B movie and be a walking dead -- stay on track (not including Casey who is forced not to a a have a juicer) (it will come soon hopefully Casey) if you are lost from this last note -- go visit Casey's blog at

Sleep: My sleep has been a complete 180 during my process - but sometimes like tonight I wake up around 3-5am and either can't get back to sleep or toss and turn and then oversleep for work -- can't continue to do this. I"m good at my job. I'm high performer. I'm not too concerned about me -- but I have responsibility to our other reps to guide, mentor and to be a supportive team player -- that means letting down my managers - I can't do that - I want to see everyone to succeed - especially my managers - they are the best of the best. I love my company - first real home I've found in my sales career. The folks at work are a mix of support -- sometimes very complementary, hilariously joking and then are the negatives -- but I have to say the positive definitely out ways any negatives --

On that note -- no matter who they are -- people cheer me on everyday on the weight loss -- "your clothes look too big on you or your face has thinned out -- love the support!!!!"

It's Day 14 at 327am and watching Man vs. Food -- why? I love food and can watch about all the foods that made me the why I am -- what not to eat and what I can enjoy when my major crusade is completed. The key note here is in strides -- not to go back to overloading, overstuffing or overkill -- don't have to crank out the food for four if its just you. Be healthy when eating.

I"m excited and anxious for Saturday - weigh in number 3 and day 15 - a quarter of the way through our 60 day reboot. How come the first 10 days went rather quickly and the next 20 is slower than a turtle in a 50 meter dash. Time stands still sometimes - like the sun before it sleeps for the moon to take its late night run around the sky -- why????? It's September 2nd and have 16 days to go for Day 30 and 46 days to go to finish my all juice all day all loss all omg am I done yet challenge.

I keep my focus on my goal to drop done to 215lbs (not a typo) and 36" waist - bringing sexy back. I make my turn on the catwalk -- Oh my -- hey Casey I"m still watching Man Vs Food - Adam just started eating BBQ in KC's BBQ - hehehee -- I didn't know you owned that place -- you suck! hmm brisket yummy.

<smack> Okay I"m back need to lose the pounds not mentally double it - gosh it looks good. I made a deal with one of my co-workers Carol - love this girl. She's a firecracker on the sales floor and on top of it she's got real style. And my mom would be proud, she's an expert shopper. If your don't know it there are experts out there - of course the world has our expert scientist who discover new planets and stars, expert politicians who find new ways to spend our money, put us further into debt and screw us royally with a smile and hand shake and the we got expert shoppers - men hide your wallets, checkbooks and credit cards. Carol has agreed to spend my money to find me a new look and clothes when my 60 day journey is completed in November -- it will be a birthday present to myself.  New self, new clothes, new style, new feel -- wife here I come.

Okay so my blog has taken a turn - but hey its my blog love it or hate it!!! Our thoughts are our own -- take notice cleaner thoughts with cleaner food -- dirtier thoughts with bad food -- go out for some grease and see where you mind goes --

Catch you guys on Day 15 - for our weigh -- Stay tuned and get a laugh or cry!!!!