Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Day 1 of many to come

I'm really eager and excited. Just got off the phone with my buddy, Casey - he started his blog a few days ago to log our experience as we prep for our 60 day journey to health. Imagine waking up everyday and know that everything you experience is leading up to killing yourself. Believe or not you are probably doing this already! How dare I say this!!! But for me, I know I"m doing this. My eating habit are really bad. I'm not exercising, although I am one of those thousands of people who get the gym membership, use it once or twice and then pay them to keep my name alive in their system. By now my name has lost about 60 lbs and is looking really good on a business card.

Funny thing is I did this to myself - I poisoned my body with all the good eats in life - pizza, beer, fast food cravings - even tonight I had an urge to get a doughnut - thank God for two things - help line and common sense. As soon as I got in my car I gave Casey a call to say hi but in reality - I was reaching out to stop myself from eating crap. My willpower is buried in my attic under that do not disturb sign I liberated from a hotel room.

I highly recommend to anyone thinking about going on a workout plan, eating plan or what we are about to jump onto - 60 day juice. Don't do it alone - get an accountability partner or in a group. I took a picture of myself that made me want to me aside and smack myself silly for the condition I"m in. I used kid in college to friends about people like me. "Hey Charlie, if you ever see me like that beat me down with a bat!" Of course right now if Charlie is reading my blog - please don't hit me --

I'm inspired and as you can read my thoughts are running wild and jumping all around. Follow me and Casey on our Journey - and remember Ralph Waldo Emerson famous quote: Life is a journey not a destination.

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