Sunday, October 30, 2011

Day Zero

Hello Fellow Rebooters,

Today is day Zero - -tomorrow, Tuesday, November 1st marks my new 30 day reboot -- Definition of Reboot - to restart, to start a new, clean up and clean out, washing yourself from the inside/out, curing yourself, reset, or to change.  Loosing weight is a great thing, however resetting yourself lifestyle, eating habits, exercise regiment, who you associate with, what you read or watch or listen to, your attitude, your focus and how to deal with stress can affect your life in a bigger way. You can empower others - change the path of your river of choice, make a bigger ripple in the pond or ocean.

Will you join me in my Reboot Revolution? To change the world into not just a better place to live or to raise a family - to reset your mindset and choose a better life. Fellow Rebooters - let's reboot life - restart our existence.

Goal for next 30 days --
Ideal weight for stage II between 260-250lbs
Waist: 42 inches
Exercise: Walking 3-5 miles 3 x week
Meals: Juice

Stage III December 15 - January 14th
Idea weight for stage III between 250 - 220lbs
Waist 38/36 inches
Exercise: Jogging 3-5 miles 3-4 x week
Meals: Juice

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