Wednesday, November 16, 2011

You're judging who?

This may be my last post for the rest of the year - -Why? Let's face it folks if you can't tell people how and what you are honestly feeling on FB without having a family member or friend turn to you and say "you know you shouldn't say what you are really feeling or going through because your boss or future boss reads through posts on FB" then what is the point of free expression on social not business networking -- that's right I said "social" network as in socially as in laid back and relaxed as in not being on your guard 24-7!!!


  1. Some people are so wrapped up in their own negativity that they don't understand or see how their comments affect others. I don't know what you posted, but believe me there are those who browse our FB pages just because they have nothing better to do in life. You are being a positive example for many people (virtually and non-virtually). Keep your spirits up!

  2. It is too sad to see that you will not post any more. You were a big inspiration and helping me through out the way. You should never worry about what your boss or others think only know that you are helping others. God is the only one who judges you and if people can't and YES even your own family can't respect that then....Get a new perspective! I hope you don't quit on us. You have the right to live a private life and socialize out of your "WORK PLACE" Sad that People now a days can't give you a pat in the back because your helping others and mostly because your helping your self. Prove to your self and take a stand your worth way more than you think! Don't let us who care down. Nat.

  3. hey Ladies -- the answer to this question is simply this -- have you ever had a Jewish family -- one day on Facebook I gave my honest opinion and in about an hour got phone calls and eblasts from family telling to detract the post -- that's all that meant