Saturday, February 9, 2013

So I decided to juice again - starting very slowly. I juice 2-3 times a week but only once a day. My body has gotten bloated, I ache all over and sick very often. People think that we judge ourselves or govern ourselves based on what others think. But know this, I am not one of them - I am my own judge -- I block my own successes. I need some serious reprocessing on my mindset - I need a jump start. I need to get back to basics and start juicing full time again. A fresh start, cleanse not just my body, my soul and my mind.

Reboot - Reboot - Reboot

Say it, be it and do it!!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

You're judging who?

This may be my last post for the rest of the year - -Why? Let's face it folks if you can't tell people how and what you are honestly feeling on FB without having a family member or friend turn to you and say "you know you shouldn't say what you are really feeling or going through because your boss or future boss reads through posts on FB" then what is the point of free expression on social not business networking -- that's right I said "social" network as in socially as in laid back and relaxed as in not being on your guard 24-7!!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

End of Day 3 Reboot Part II: Wraith of Juice

So today I was good day. I drank my juice and water, felt totally refreshed and unofficially lost a couple more pounds. I know I shouldn't weigh in at night -- I weighed in a few minutes ago - 288lbs - yeah baby down 12 lbs since restarting on 11/1 - with 7 official days to go to by 40th and I'm feeling like 280 is too small of a goal.

What if I drop more than another 8lbs? Can it be? oooh -- I'm getting excited. If I continue to lose 3-4 lbs per day I could be down to 270 or less. I could be 220 by New Years.

Today's menu:
1 cucumber
2 granny apples
1/2 lemon
thumb of ginger

I saw Jacob today -- he's still having some discomfort -- I'm excited for him -- once he gets passed the first 5 days - he's going feel awesome.

I hope everyone chimes tomorrow to find out more. I'm also happy to announce I have started to exercise - I have resistance bands I've started to use and double crunches.  Get ready folks!!!

Join our Reboot Revolution!!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day 2 - November 2nd - Hey look at that!

Hello everyone,

I have had a good day and officially down 7lbs since I restarted my reboot yesterday -- not to steal from Star Trek - but "on my continuing mission, to seek out lost pounds, ways to burn my fat and boldly go where I never have gone before -- skinny and healthy!!! Engage!!!

I have made up a new recipe that is pretty tasty

1 bunch kale
1 beet
1/2 lemon
1 cucumber
thumb of ginger
2 red delicious apples

Yesterday I had something close this -- which I have named Minty Sweet Beet.
6 carrots
1 cucumber
1/2 handful of mint
1 lime
thumb of ginger
2 granny apples

I also have an exciting announcement - I think I have mentioned some of my co-workers doing 1 week to 10 day reboots --One of my co-workers, Jacob watched my dvd of Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and got excited. Went out and bought a juice machine and yes, started a 10 day reboot yesterday -- same time as my 30 day. And of course, the Reboot Revolutions grows once more.

Get excited -- I weighed in yesterday morning at 300lbs and weighed in today at 293lbs. 7lbs in two days -- 8 days to go to my 40th birthday -- 280lbs is looking very possible for 11/11/11 and 255lbs is looking very possible for 12/1/11.

Juice on!!!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Day Zero

Hello Fellow Rebooters,

Today is day Zero - -tomorrow, Tuesday, November 1st marks my new 30 day reboot -- Definition of Reboot - to restart, to start a new, clean up and clean out, washing yourself from the inside/out, curing yourself, reset, or to change.  Loosing weight is a great thing, however resetting yourself lifestyle, eating habits, exercise regiment, who you associate with, what you read or watch or listen to, your attitude, your focus and how to deal with stress can affect your life in a bigger way. You can empower others - change the path of your river of choice, make a bigger ripple in the pond or ocean.

Will you join me in my Reboot Revolution? To change the world into not just a better place to live or to raise a family - to reset your mindset and choose a better life. Fellow Rebooters - let's reboot life - restart our existence.

Goal for next 30 days --
Ideal weight for stage II between 260-250lbs
Waist: 42 inches
Exercise: Walking 3-5 miles 3 x week
Meals: Juice

Stage III December 15 - January 14th
Idea weight for stage III between 250 - 220lbs
Waist 38/36 inches
Exercise: Jogging 3-5 miles 3-4 x week
Meals: Juice

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Life is a journey not a destination: Day 2 of 15 - Gosh didn't I already do this alread...

Life is a journey not a destination: Day 2 of 15 - Gosh didn't I already do this alread...: Okay folks -- Casey and I successfully finished our 60 days -- I lost a total of 42 lbs and 7 inches off my belly -- I"m sorry that is not e...

Day 2 of 15 - Gosh didn't I already do this already

Okay folks -- Casey and I successfully finished our 60 days -- I lost a total of 42 lbs and 7 inches off my belly -- I"m sorry that is not enough -- and I"m embarrassed to say I cheated, cheated and oh yes cheated -- I cheated myself and any hope of hope - but today is a new day and with a new attitude I can do the impossible -- get up, shut up and work out -- Let's say that together -- GET UP, SHUT UP, and WORK OUT -- move your body to the beat and MOVE it, SHAKE it, TWIST it -- I'm not talking a chocolate milk or Yoohoo folks -- or your Moo Moo -- move your body -- roll over, stretch, crack your back, do some crunches not a crunch bar.

My problem I love food -- pizza, sushi (hey it's raw), burgers, chips, dips, whips (whip cream) -- folks I need someone to beat me into a corner when it comes to this stupid junk food -- call my bank and tell them to refuse charges to purchase anything that doesn't have a green vegetable that hasn't been nuked!!!

I"m on the couch right now sweating bullets and watching Netflix (yes, I'm one of the stupid people paying $17 a month for repeats and old movies) but good news The Biggest Loser is now on there -- all 12 seasons -- I'm sweating watching them work out -- it embarrasses me --

To top this all off - I just got off Facebook -- yes another place to rant - you know that's all FB is -- Please rant here - and by the way show pictures of your youth and see what you looked like before you shoved 20,000 shots of Yeager, 100,000 lbs of Burger King, 200 tons of french fries, 2,000,000 pizza pies and or yeah the metabolism of an athletic super star.

Come on guys - you scream Great Job!!! Have you really done any of this -- know every time you take a step in the right direction  -- you will if you do it right slip up 10 or 20 times -- its enough to wonder if I"m really attempting to lose weight.

Stop gaining weight Brian -- stop ranting -- stop, STOP!!! How am I going inspire others - if I can't inspire myself -- or yeah - stop drinking -- yes I know its easy to be weak - God made you stronger than that -- stick with it and refuse to give in and give up.

Lose the weight or by the way tomorrow which is really today since its 430 in the morning -- come on, go to sleep -- you need sleep to lose weight --

Thursday night is Joe Cross night -- public viewing of FAT, SICK and NEARLY DEAD and Q&A with Joe himself -- I asked several people if they wanted to join Casey and me to go tomorrow -- some people were like "ahh I already saw the documentary on Netflix, why go and why pay 11 bucks -- duhhh you met Joe Cross -- get inspired all over again -- meet others like yourself and share your story - inspire others -- why wouldn't you go!!!!

11/11 is approaching - I need and want to be 260 or below -- I have to lose 30 lbs -- what is going on here -- I'm not there -- stop, stopping, stop it.

Join our Reboot Revolution - is not just about losing weight, its about rebooting your mindset, your attitude!!!!

Juice on!