Sunday, October 30, 2011

Day Zero

Hello Fellow Rebooters,

Today is day Zero - -tomorrow, Tuesday, November 1st marks my new 30 day reboot -- Definition of Reboot - to restart, to start a new, clean up and clean out, washing yourself from the inside/out, curing yourself, reset, or to change.  Loosing weight is a great thing, however resetting yourself lifestyle, eating habits, exercise regiment, who you associate with, what you read or watch or listen to, your attitude, your focus and how to deal with stress can affect your life in a bigger way. You can empower others - change the path of your river of choice, make a bigger ripple in the pond or ocean.

Will you join me in my Reboot Revolution? To change the world into not just a better place to live or to raise a family - to reset your mindset and choose a better life. Fellow Rebooters - let's reboot life - restart our existence.

Goal for next 30 days --
Ideal weight for stage II between 260-250lbs
Waist: 42 inches
Exercise: Walking 3-5 miles 3 x week
Meals: Juice

Stage III December 15 - January 14th
Idea weight for stage III between 250 - 220lbs
Waist 38/36 inches
Exercise: Jogging 3-5 miles 3-4 x week
Meals: Juice

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Life is a journey not a destination: Day 2 of 15 - Gosh didn't I already do this alread...

Life is a journey not a destination: Day 2 of 15 - Gosh didn't I already do this alread...: Okay folks -- Casey and I successfully finished our 60 days -- I lost a total of 42 lbs and 7 inches off my belly -- I"m sorry that is not e...

Day 2 of 15 - Gosh didn't I already do this already

Okay folks -- Casey and I successfully finished our 60 days -- I lost a total of 42 lbs and 7 inches off my belly -- I"m sorry that is not enough -- and I"m embarrassed to say I cheated, cheated and oh yes cheated -- I cheated myself and any hope of hope - but today is a new day and with a new attitude I can do the impossible -- get up, shut up and work out -- Let's say that together -- GET UP, SHUT UP, and WORK OUT -- move your body to the beat and MOVE it, SHAKE it, TWIST it -- I'm not talking a chocolate milk or Yoohoo folks -- or your Moo Moo -- move your body -- roll over, stretch, crack your back, do some crunches not a crunch bar.

My problem I love food -- pizza, sushi (hey it's raw), burgers, chips, dips, whips (whip cream) -- folks I need someone to beat me into a corner when it comes to this stupid junk food -- call my bank and tell them to refuse charges to purchase anything that doesn't have a green vegetable that hasn't been nuked!!!

I"m on the couch right now sweating bullets and watching Netflix (yes, I'm one of the stupid people paying $17 a month for repeats and old movies) but good news The Biggest Loser is now on there -- all 12 seasons -- I'm sweating watching them work out -- it embarrasses me --

To top this all off - I just got off Facebook -- yes another place to rant - you know that's all FB is -- Please rant here - and by the way show pictures of your youth and see what you looked like before you shoved 20,000 shots of Yeager, 100,000 lbs of Burger King, 200 tons of french fries, 2,000,000 pizza pies and or yeah the metabolism of an athletic super star.

Come on guys - you scream Great Job!!! Have you really done any of this -- know every time you take a step in the right direction  -- you will if you do it right slip up 10 or 20 times -- its enough to wonder if I"m really attempting to lose weight.

Stop gaining weight Brian -- stop ranting -- stop, STOP!!! How am I going inspire others - if I can't inspire myself -- or yeah - stop drinking -- yes I know its easy to be weak - God made you stronger than that -- stick with it and refuse to give in and give up.

Lose the weight or by the way tomorrow which is really today since its 430 in the morning -- come on, go to sleep -- you need sleep to lose weight --

Thursday night is Joe Cross night -- public viewing of FAT, SICK and NEARLY DEAD and Q&A with Joe himself -- I asked several people if they wanted to join Casey and me to go tomorrow -- some people were like "ahh I already saw the documentary on Netflix, why go and why pay 11 bucks -- duhhh you met Joe Cross -- get inspired all over again -- meet others like yourself and share your story - inspire others -- why wouldn't you go!!!!

11/11 is approaching - I need and want to be 260 or below -- I have to lose 30 lbs -- what is going on here -- I'm not there -- stop, stopping, stop it.

Join our Reboot Revolution - is not just about losing weight, its about rebooting your mindset, your attitude!!!!

Juice on!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Celebration Now Come On -- Day 60

Finally at Day 60!!! But the fun is not over - Joe Cross will be in town next week and I need to get to at least to 275lbs -- have some work to do.

Friends, we need to embrace your life and move forward. Learn from your mistakes, build on the truth and make your move. Move to where -- take a leap of faith and make things happen. Go to the gym, drink plenty of water and move your feet. Shuffle, move side to side, ride a bike or get on a treadmill.

Make your move!!! Jump up and get excited!!! Casey and I are at day 60 but not stopping there. 15 more days to victory. Then a small break and take another 15 to make the final weight.

Close your eyes an imagine your victory --- final way in will be this weekend - with our 60 day video celebration.

Juice on and Join our Reboot Revolution!!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Day 55 -- "I Can't Drive 55!"

Good Evening Everyone,

I feel very blessed to be grounded with God - I have been struggling last couple of days emotionally and I believe its my reboot taking a toll on me - Thank God for Casey and others you came to my aid to walk me through what I was feeling. During this time inspiration has bloomed out of what felt like turmoil for me. Just a day or two ago a co-worker who haven't been really close to has been opening up and we have discussed the possibility that he will reboot. Mind you this person already works out but has been struggling to loose his weight.

I volunteered to make a batch of my now famous Carrot-Lime brew -
6 carrots large
2 apples of choice
1 lime
1/2 bunch of fresh mint
1 thumb of ginger

Taste test after taste test - people really enjoy my Carrot Lime brew -- might need to give it a new name - maybe Carrot Limeade. Anyway, he really enjoyed it and feels he could break his belief barrier and do a reboot maybe to start with a 10-day.  And with Joe Cross coming to town next week on 27th - I am going put out a sign up sheet at work and see how many people want to go check out the viewing of Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and an awesome visit from Joe Cross for Q&A.

55 days and climbing although I know day 60 is approaching - I have already committed to another 15 days and that does not include my recovery period. Let's see 3 days for every day of fast 3 into 75 is what = 25 recovery period. Day 75 will end up on November 2nd  - nine days before my 40th birthday - putting my 25th day of recovery on Thanksgiving - yeah Turkey!!!!

Unofficially: Weight 288 and belly band at 47 inches -- I will not be denied - what a great gift to myself if I can be down to 260 by my birthday and maybe down another 10lbs by the end of recovery period.
My overall goal is get down to 220lbs - I know what needs to get done and just watching eating habits, my attitude and discipline is not enough - even with support -- I need to kick my head in and go work out.

Its go time -- what am I made of - Come on God help me go forward~~~

Juice on - Reboot Revolution!!!!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Days 50 & 51

Okay my blogging crew - what's new? Had a couple more setbacks this last week. What kind of setbacks? Gained some weight back and have made of decision - no more raw, no more cheats - and will be extended my 60 day to 75 days. Starting tomorrow back to the gym for cardio and at home I will be getting into resistance bands.

Work out mania is going to start and we will see my new results -- final results will be posted on 11/8/11, which is 3 days before my 40th. Skinny man I will be!!!

My apologies in advance to our fans about this week's video. It will be posted by Tuesday - since both Casey and I were running around this weekend on a great adventure.

Other exciting news - gee do I have exciting news? Yeah I think I do or why did I bring it up? So the news is this - I'm on a quest and I will not be denied.

My juicing brothers and sisters -- take a stand and refuse to be denied what you want.

If that is to lose unwanted pounds then take charge of your life --I'm gonna move it move it, I'm gonna move it move it, I'm gonna MOVE IT!!!

If your stand is to improve your life by going back to school or getting a promotion at work then reach out and grab on to it - only you can prevent forest fires, only you -- -

Jump up and make it your life move forward -- be like the wheels on the bus go round and round -- that's forward motion which equals progress.

Juice on and join our Reboot Revolution!!!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Days 47 & 48

It's amazing how well your immune system works when juicing - now it may not catch everything - but your healing rate increases and you will recover faster than the average Joe on the street. I went home sick today after seeing a doctor for my Flu symptoms. They were highly impressed of my juicing and recommended a couple of changes to my Mean Green recipe -- double up on the kale and add some grapefruit.

So today's recipe

1 1/2 bunch of Kale
1 whole lime
1/2 lemon
1 Pink Grapefruit
1 Red Delicious Apple
2 thumbs of Ginger
1 Cucumber

need to add another apple to this mix - grapefruit overpowered on the flavor - very tart!!

Feeling good. Still need to add some kind of physical activity.

I will update on Friday and look forward to our 7th installment on our video - going to do something totally different- enjoy the view.

Juice on!!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

An Exciting Day 46

Only 14 days from day 60 -- can you believe? A better question, do YOU believe? Believe in what, yourself? In the power of God? In self discipline and desire? Do YOU believe?

I believe we can make a difference by our beliefs and putting our belief into action. My action was to start 60 day reboot and eliminate my extra pounds that I, and I alone tortured my body with. My actions are to change my life from my insides out. We can change. Maybe the President didn't make the changes we desired - but his words hold true. We have the power to make change.

We can change -- what?
How we live each day
What we say
How we treat others
What we put into our bodies
Who we associate with
What we read
How we interact with others

Why is it so important for us to recognize that we can change -- one person can stand up and make a difference. Like a pebble tossed in a pool of still water and watching the ripples it creates. Each ripple is a voice that carries our message and soon our ripples become waves of influence over large crowds and eventually into communities, counties, states and countries. We can make a difference -- our Reboot Revolution is more than just words its a lifestyle adjustment -- who will stand up and vote yes to change for yourself, your life, your health and your future.

I am not asking you to choose sides of our political arena - I am pleading with you to make a hard choice - pro life -- your life -- you have the power to save your life.

In a short few weeks I will be finishing my first book -- and when it gets published I hope to create some ripples that will turn to waves and make serious impact on your lives.

Your first drink of fresh juice makes an impact on you body and will create a ripple -- where will  you ripple go and who will you affect?

Juice on and join our Reboot Revolution!!!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Days 44 & 45

Good Evening Juice Fans,

Losing weight can inspire others. It can also lead to major temptation. Another day of free cake at work, fumes of bacon and burgers and oh yes candy. Well, well, well. How much more can I take? 2 weeks to go for the end of 60 days and not at the weight I want -- happy that I'm officially at 285 down 43lbs from day one. That's awesome -- my excitement will be over the top when I jump over the 250 mark.

Life will get better -- I've been juicing my Carrot-lime juice all weekend long and into this week. I'm going to switch back to Mean Green for the rest of the week.

Join our Reboot Revolution and find new ways to get healthy.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Life is a journey not a destination: Day 42 & 43

Life is a journey not a destination: Day 42 & 43: Okay so I promised to post last night and forgot -- long day. Most people who have been doing the reboot as long as me should be over certai...

Day 42 & 43

Okay so I promised to post last night and forgot -- long day. Most people who have been doing the reboot as long as me should be over certain cravings -- but the truth of the matter you need to stay very disciplined throughout the process. Never slipping up is hard - emotional and mentally. The physical part needs to happen to inspire your body to burn your fat faster -- no matter what others say you need to exercise. Go for a walk - go to the gym, move your body to music -- DO SOMETHING!!! If you do more than not -- you will forget that you miss solid foods - like pizza. Which I slipped up again this week and had more pizza pie --

If you are following Casey and my videos you will know I stay very honest with my reboot. I don't hide anything - that's for me, God and to share with others - you need to know every struggle we go through to understand what will or could happen to you and what mistakes to avoid. Wouldn't you want to know how to walk through a live minefield - if I went through already? To know the dangers or loopholes. Of course you would. Doing the reboot or any fast can create double or triple urges. And before you ask, yes I mean every kind of urge -- food, desires, doing more of something that you don't need to be doing - like slacking off.

I did fairly well other than the cheat -- I juiced everyday and lost the weight I gained back last week and lost it this week with a couple pounds additional to break the 290 mark -- the only way I see myself losing more weight every week and more than a few pounds is exercise - its a must -- My prediction for next Saturday's weigh in -- if I take charge of my life and exercise 4-5 days a week I will be at 280 or less.

I challenge any of my subscribers to do the same - get off your butts -- move - you heard me MOVE yourself into victory - strive to be better than you are - it will hurt and you will feel pain and uneasiness - but pain is temporary and victory is forever!!!!

You can make this happen -- and if you go and read my buddy, Casey's blog you will discover he started off going to the gym 1-2 times a week  - and is finding it addictive - in a good way. Now he works out 4-5 times week. He goes when he has cravings for bad food or just to feel better and I can tell you from the compliments he received last night at poker -- you can see major changes even from last Saturday -- he looks awesome. I want that -- and you should too.

Remember Reboot Revolution is about improving yourself from the inside out - about change - its about your future. And only you can forest fires only you. This message was provided by me and not Smokey the Bear.

Juice on!!!!