Thursday, October 27, 2011

Day 2 of 15 - Gosh didn't I already do this already

Okay folks -- Casey and I successfully finished our 60 days -- I lost a total of 42 lbs and 7 inches off my belly -- I"m sorry that is not enough -- and I"m embarrassed to say I cheated, cheated and oh yes cheated -- I cheated myself and any hope of hope - but today is a new day and with a new attitude I can do the impossible -- get up, shut up and work out -- Let's say that together -- GET UP, SHUT UP, and WORK OUT -- move your body to the beat and MOVE it, SHAKE it, TWIST it -- I'm not talking a chocolate milk or Yoohoo folks -- or your Moo Moo -- move your body -- roll over, stretch, crack your back, do some crunches not a crunch bar.

My problem I love food -- pizza, sushi (hey it's raw), burgers, chips, dips, whips (whip cream) -- folks I need someone to beat me into a corner when it comes to this stupid junk food -- call my bank and tell them to refuse charges to purchase anything that doesn't have a green vegetable that hasn't been nuked!!!

I"m on the couch right now sweating bullets and watching Netflix (yes, I'm one of the stupid people paying $17 a month for repeats and old movies) but good news The Biggest Loser is now on there -- all 12 seasons -- I'm sweating watching them work out -- it embarrasses me --

To top this all off - I just got off Facebook -- yes another place to rant - you know that's all FB is -- Please rant here - and by the way show pictures of your youth and see what you looked like before you shoved 20,000 shots of Yeager, 100,000 lbs of Burger King, 200 tons of french fries, 2,000,000 pizza pies and or yeah the metabolism of an athletic super star.

Come on guys - you scream Great Job!!! Have you really done any of this -- know every time you take a step in the right direction  -- you will if you do it right slip up 10 or 20 times -- its enough to wonder if I"m really attempting to lose weight.

Stop gaining weight Brian -- stop ranting -- stop, STOP!!! How am I going inspire others - if I can't inspire myself -- or yeah - stop drinking -- yes I know its easy to be weak - God made you stronger than that -- stick with it and refuse to give in and give up.

Lose the weight or by the way tomorrow which is really today since its 430 in the morning -- come on, go to sleep -- you need sleep to lose weight --

Thursday night is Joe Cross night -- public viewing of FAT, SICK and NEARLY DEAD and Q&A with Joe himself -- I asked several people if they wanted to join Casey and me to go tomorrow -- some people were like "ahh I already saw the documentary on Netflix, why go and why pay 11 bucks -- duhhh you met Joe Cross -- get inspired all over again -- meet others like yourself and share your story - inspire others -- why wouldn't you go!!!!

11/11 is approaching - I need and want to be 260 or below -- I have to lose 30 lbs -- what is going on here -- I'm not there -- stop, stopping, stop it.

Join our Reboot Revolution - is not just about losing weight, its about rebooting your mindset, your attitude!!!!

Juice on!

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