Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Day 5 - What a powerful day!!!

Well we made through another day. Casey and I took pictures today to post to our blogs. We got a little curious and discovered that we lost 2 inches off our Belly Bands. I down to 309 lbs -- still not second weigh in yet and already down 19 lbs. Now you may think that this is what made this day so powerful but no. Today I had two more co-workers inquire about what I'm doing to drop my weight and reboot my life. One asked for a shot glass of my morning meal and the other, well let's just say I had my third conversion today. First Casey, then Terri and now there is Carl. Carl is a great guy, works on a couple of my projects at work. He was extremely excited to discover that I'm down another 4 lbs plus he can see thinning in my face and neck.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I can actually see a neckline. My head isn't just connected to my shoulders - you can see a difference. I can also say 150% enthusiastically that I don't miss solid foods. Although it has been very tough. For example, yesterday we had a training class during our normal lunch hour. To help the sales reps not rush out and waste more precious sales time - management purchased Little Ceasar's pizza -- gosh are you kidding me? Why are you buying pizza or any other kind of no food zone when I'm rebooting. This is the sixth time in the last month this has happened.

I was just telling Casey - you know what Monday is day 10 and that means next Saturday, September 3rd is day 15 a quarter of our way through -- so excited to see our results at the 1/4 way -- in the documentary that started our little quest - "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" Joe Cross had lost over 26 lbs at day 14 - I"m 19 lbs down at day 5 - so you can probably feel the tension build here -- you can't see me - but I"m smiling from ear to ear and jumping up and down.

I finally got Casey to watch "Take Home Chef" with me - he can handle looking at the food now -- and even the women that Curtis has to cook with. I can't wait to eat all of the new recipes I will create -- but of course Casey gave me some rather discouraging news. We cannot go back to meat right away after our 60 day reboot -- for every 3 days of reboot we must take 1 day of slowly working my way back to solid food. That means 20 additional days - so what do I eat for those 20 days -- still juicing 1 to 2 meals a day, salads with out chicken, fish or beef, raw foods -- like all that I've been juicing.

We will see how that ends up -- anyway -- I'm getting little tired and going the head to bead. Stay tuned....

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